About DVI

November 01, 2016
Now Available:
2016 Asia-Pacific Dengue Prevention Board Report

The Asia-Pacific Dengue Prevention Board organized a meeting (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1–2 June 2016) to highlight points for consideration about CYD-TDV vaccine introduction and to define the most useful tools and approaches for dengue endemic countries to develop policies.  

We invite you to read the full report on the "Development of Dengue Vaccines: Issues relating to dengue vaccine introduction in light of the WHO SAGE recommendations" here.

Who We Are


The mission of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI) is to encourage the development and consideration of vaccines to prevent dengue – a debilitating and sometimes fatal viral disease which cannot be treated with drugs or antibiotics.  As a consortium of organizations committed to preventing dengue, DVI is laying the groundwork for dengue vaccine decision-making and introduction in endemic areas.

DVI  continues the work of the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative, or PDVI, established in 2001.  PDVI was initiated to stimulate development of a safe and effective dengue vaccine for use in children in developing countries.  When the PDVI began, there were few dengue vaccine candidates in clinical development and limited information on the magnitude of the dengue disease burden and related economic costs.  There were also no modern clinical guidelines, no clear regulatory pathways to guide development of vaccine candidates, no good test for routine diagnosis of dengue in clinical practice, and no internationally standardized way to measure either beneficial or potentially harmful responses to vaccination.

PDVI, working with an extensive network of partners, helped to address these gaps through a range of activities, successfully accelerating the progression of several dengue vaccine candidates, establishing the degree to which dengue is underreported in routine reporting systems and collaborating with the WHO to produce modern guidelines for the clinical evaluation of dengue vaccines and standard tests to measure and compare the responses to different vaccines.

DVI is creating an environment for accelerated vaccine decision-making by conducting evidence-based research to inform policy.  DVI is focused on using the knowledge and expertise of its members to accelerate the development and country consideration of a dengue vaccine.

DVI builds and expands on this history through working in partnership with governments and the scientific and medical community, and in close coordination with industry, to increase the awareness given to dengue vaccines at the global level and work for a world free of dengue.